LEED Waste Management System

PENN WASTE SYSTEMS™ is a LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design waste management company with the experience to work with demolition and construction projects to achieve LEED Materials and Resources Waste Management related credits for handling waste material from disposal site to the landfill. Our reporting supports both LEED requirements for documentation and local mandatory C&D recycling requirements, including identifying the hauler that transported the material, the facility that received the material and whether that material was diverted or land-filled.

By contacting us early in the construction planning process, we can help identify the opportunities for deconstruction, reuse of architectural components, on-site processing and/or reuse of demolition materials and off-site recycling of demolition waste and construction scrap.

LEED Waste Management Services Include:

Dumpster Rental Company in Pittsburgh
  • Dumpsters For Individual Materials
  • Sorting of Waste Off Site
  • Co-Mingles Dumpsters
  • LEED Waste Management Plan
  • Monthly Diversion Reports At No Extra Cost
  • Accurate Manifest
  • Weight Based Calculations
  • LEED Green Associate On Staff